brokendrums (brokendrums) wrote,

Ten More Minutes Mum!

Title: Ten More Minutes Mum!
Pairing: gen 
Rating: g
Word Count: 518
Disclaimer: No offence intended. Not real in the slightest.
Summary: Bouncy castle fun based on the prompt: children
A/N: Also posted here

Louis laughed and pulled a fistful of curls into his fingers. 

"Ow!" Harry moaned, twisting around trying to bat at his hand. Louis held on tighter, hitching a leg up to wrap around his waist. Harry found himself pressed up against the wall, Louis giggling to himself. The wall couldn’t hold all of their weight and it began to sag where they leant into it. "Louis! That hurt. Don't be mean!" 

"Don't fight!" Niall cried bouncing high before he lost his footing and toppled over into the corner. He bounced on his back once before he lay still panting hard from all the jumping about they had been doing. His mouth tasted like strawberries and with every breath he could smell plastic and Parma Violets. 

The rest of the boys burst into excited laughter and someone threw a stray shoe at him. Niall joining in when it hit him in the side of the head and rebounded back towards Harry. Liam pushed the rest of his ice lolly into his mouth, kicked his shoes off and jumped on, dodging Zayn who tried to tackle him down onto the squashy material as he made his way over to Niall. 
"Ow! Brain freeze." Liam groaned as he swallowed and extended a still sticky hand out to Niall who grinned up at him and instead of being pulled to his feet he pulled Liam down onto the floor along with him. Liam gave out a shocked squeal making them all laugh harder. 

"Pile on!" Zayn shouted and launched himself into the corner, landing on Niall making him double over slightly. Harry and Louis joined them, all of them trying to catch their breaths through hysterical laughter. They rolled around the rubbery plastic, Niall's face shoved into Liam's armpit, Zayn had Louis in a headlock while Harry was twisting at his ankle, tickling the back of his knee. 

"Boys!" Came a shout and they all stopped what they were doing, peering up to see Louis' mum standing on the lawn, hands on her hips. Louis' little sister stood beside her pouting, princess crown on her head and a huge birthday badge on her dress. "I asked you to put the bouncy castle up, not play in it! If you hadn't noticed everyone’s arrived for the party!" 
Behind her there was a rather large congregation of annoyed little girls and amused parents hanging around the backdoor to the house. Louis didn't even have the decency to look embarrassed, instead he shrugged and stuck out his tongue. His mum finally broke into the smile she had been trying to hide. 

"Honestly, you're supposed to be twenty! Stop acting like children." She tried to be stern but couldn't help laughing as Louis grinned cheekily at her, grabbing a handful of Harry's hair again. 

"Ten more minutes mum!" He called out in his most bratty voice before Harry rolled over him, retaliating for the hair pull. His mum laughed again, pushing his sister onto the bouncy castle. And before any of the boys could escape, they were tackled by eleven very excited squealing nine year olds.  

Tags: drabble, fandom: one direction, pairing: gen, rating: g
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