brokendrums (brokendrums) wrote,

Numb Lips

Pairing: Liam/Niall
Word Count: 1053
Summary: Liam gets drunk and is extra cuddly.
A/N: Inspired by cyclogenesis' fic tags over on tumblr. This was not supposed to be this long.

Niall bribes Paul and flutters his eyelashes enough times to persuade Liam - wearing him down until he grudgingly agrees to go with him with a promise that he's 'not getting really drunk.' They sneak out so Louis doesn't notice and demand that they all go together and manage to escape without a security detail which is a bonus.

Niall hasn't felt this free in weeks, hardly anyone in the packed dance floor recognises them and Niall is able to pull Liam through the tiny club towards the bar. Liam sort of looks bewildered when Niall asks what he wants him to drink, eyes glittering as he looks over all the bottles on the wall, so Niall orders a round and laughs giddily when he pushes a sticky shot glass into Liam's hand. Liam pulls a face when he throws it back and bites into a wedge of lemon with a wince.

"I don't like that one." Liam shakes his head with a cough, pushing the glass back across the slick bar in time for the bartender to set down another icy drink in front of him. He's a little wide eyed already, the lights in the club making his skin glow green, blue and pink. They dance for a while, lost in the middle of the crowd until Liam starts to sway on his feet so Niall pulls him back to the bar and pushes him onto a stool. The music is loud and Liam has to lean in close to shout into his ear.

"This one actually tastes really good." Liam yells holding up a glass that looks bubbly and faintly pink. Niall has no idea what it is but it makes Liam's breath smell like cherries and he inches closer to his mouth on instinct. Liam cuddles closer to him, clumsily slinging an arm across his middle and curling his fingers into Niall's shirt. He's warm against him and Niall let's him breathe against his cheek until he catches the eye of a few girls loitering on the edge of the dance floor, camera phones in hand. Niall takes a quick step back, ignoring the whine and pout Liam sends him and instead hauls him to his feet.

"Do you want to go home?" Niall yells over the thump of the music and Liam peers at him, wide eyes and slack lips. He nods and tries to nuzzle into Niall's neck but can't get the angle right now that they're standing so he just focuses on trying to get his feet to walk in a straight line instead.

Niall pushes him into the back of the taxi, the cool night air sobers Niall up a little but only makes Liam worse. Liam runs his nose over Niall's shoulder as he slumps against him in the back seat, humming out a tune into his skin, palms keeping them close together. He babbles nonsense at him the whole way up the stairs, getting louder and louder until Niall has to clamp a hand over his mouth and wrestle him through the door into his hotel room.

"Maybe drink some water before you go to sleep." Niall warns him, dropping him onto the edge of the bed. Liam lies back but still has an arm wrapped around his neck that pulls Niall until he's bent over the edge of the bed, hands on either side of Liam's waist to keep him from tipping over. Liam's still surprisingly strong for someone who can hardly stand up straight. "It'll make it better in the morning. Can you let go of me now?"

"You smell nice." Liam argues, gripping Niall's neck to pull him closer. Niall thinks about struggling but Liam's wrapping a leg around his thigh to get more leverage and the mattress is coming up to meet him either way so he gives up, landing on the duvet with a sigh.

"No I don't." Niall protests rolling onto his back, he's sticky from where someone's poured a drink over him on the dance floor and he smells of sweat and tequila. Liam doesn't seem to mind though, wriggling closer, nosing against the skin of his neck until he's properly burrowed in against his shoulder.

"Why does everything feel funny?" Liam asks him a few minutes later once Niall's relaxed into the pillows, realising he won't be able to get away from the tangle of limbs Liam has trapped him in and that deep down he knows he sort of doesn't want to anyway.

"You're drunk." Niall sighs and peers down at him. Liam's eyes aren't really focused anymore and he's smacking his lips together silently, eyebrows dipping into a frown.

"I don't think I can feel my lips." Liam murmurs. Niall snuffles a laugh into Liam's hair until he can feel Liam's lips press against his neck.

"What are you doing?" Niall whispers, laughter dying in his throat. Liam kisses his skin again, tongue poking out to lick a stripe up his neck before he kisses another under the curve of his jaw.

"Can you feel them?" Liam asks, lips brushing against his chin. He nibbles on the skin of Niall's throat and it makes his breath stutter. "Are they still there?"

He looks so serious that Niall can't help but let out a breathless laugh, trailing a thumb over his bottom lip, he tips his chin up until Liam is staring up at him with drooping eyelids.

"Still there." Niall tells him, taking a deep breath and pressing a quick kiss against Liam's lips. It's too quick to really feel anything, just a hot brush of his lips before he pulls back.

Liam grins sleepily up at him, catching his hand with his own and snuggling into his chest again.

"That's good." Liam sighs, voice slurring as he finally drops closer to sleep. "I think I would miss my lips."

Niall wakes up early the next morning to the sounds of Liam throwing up in the bathroom. He groans, head beginning to spin as he rolls out of bed and staggers over to the doorway.

"Niall." Liam croaks from where he's slumped over the toilet. He looks slightly panicked, eyes wide and blood shot, skin pale and shirt rumpled from sleep. "Do you think my kidney's stopped working again?"

Niall has to sit down he's laughing so hard.

Tags: drabble, pairing: liam/niall, rating: g
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