brokendrums (brokendrums) wrote,

you were never on your own - a niall fic-a-thon


If you ask idctbqh and I, there's never enough Niall centric fic in the world so we're hosting a good old fashioned prompt-and-fill ficathon!

Rules as usual:

  • Must have Niall in the pairing/main focus.

  • Anything goes - gen, rare-pairs, ot3 and ot5!

  • One prompt per comment.

  • Please clearly mark warnings and triggers at the beginning of the prompt or fill.

  • Reply in the comments or post a link to your work!

  • Multiple fills are welcome, (so is art or other fanworks!) - the more the merrier!

  • Commenting, feedback and discussion is definitely encouraged! Chat all about your Niall fic needs and my inbox will be happy for it!

  • Be nice! Have fun! :)

Special Nadine-and-Shannon brownie points for anyone who prompt/fills genderswap or rare-pairs!

heartbeat so sweet - niall/harry - seven minutes in heaven

and this is how it starts - niall/barbara/liam/sophia - double date fun!

you're delicate - niall centric ot5 - The boys have a really difficult time accepting that Niall might not need their help with his knee anymore.

fool yourself (but we can't pretend) - niall/bressie - bressie misses his iron man challenge to see the boys in croke park. (also clothes sharing ♥____♥)

tied to the shifting ground - niall/bressie/eoghan/laura - niall finds his own family in London
Tags: 1d, ficathon, niall
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